Google Ads Management

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Our PPC Packages

We will charge a 10% fee on each plan based on the amount you spend on ads each month.



How Much Should You Spend Daily On Google Ads?

Let’s say you have an advertisement with a Maximum Cost Per Click (Max CPC) set at 10 INR, and your goal is to achieve 100 Clicks Per Day. To achieve this daily target, your daily Google Ads budget would be calculated as follows:

Max CPC (10 INR) x Clicks Per Day (100) = 1000 INR Per Day

So, you would need a daily budget of 1000 INR to get 100 clicks per day. Over a month (30 days), this would amount to:

1000 INR/Day x 30 Days = 30,000 INR

However, please note that there’s also a 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) applied to this amount. Therefore, your total monthly Google Ads budget, including GST, would be:

30,000 INR + (18% of 30,000 INR) = 30,000 INR + 5,400 INR = 35,400 INR per month.

Additionally Our Ads management fee of 10% of your monthly budget, plus 18% GST on that fee. For instance, if the Ads management Fee is 3000 INR per month:

Ads management fee (3000 INR) + GST (18% of 3000 INR) = 3000 INR + 540 INR = 3,540 INR per month.

So, in summary, you will pay:

35,400 INR per month for your Google Ads budget (including GST).

An additional 3,540 INR per month as Ads management Fee (including GST).


What do our PPC (Google Ads) management services include?

Step 1:Setup Ad campaigns & find out targeting keywords

Step 3:Re-examine Your Ad Targeting

Step 5:Find out negative keywords

Step 7:Analyze Switching To Automated Bidding


Step 2:Monitor Google Ad Performance

Step 4:Conducting A/B copy testing and design

Step 6:Strengthen Your Landing Pages

Step 8:Stay away from common Google Ad mistakes